We believe that ongoing investment is your own education is critical to living your best life. If you are in agreement,then we have a life-changing opportunity for you.

Brian Johnson is building a modern day Plato’s Academy – a collection of the best knowledge for living a great life today. This is a truly amazing resource and we are massive fans – he has loads of great material on the web already and we’ve included a selection of his different offerings below. Topics range from nutrition to life purpose to mindset to meditation to love to business to self-development ….and the list goes on. Prolific, high-quality thinking from great authors.

Brian produces Philosopher’s Notes TV, which has hundreds of 10-15 minute reviews of great books, as well as many author interviews and 5 minute micro-classes on important self-development subjects. Much of this material is available for free on YouTube.

For his subscribers, he pulls together the best of the best into his Optimal Living masterclasses, which are a synthesis of the top 10 lessons across various topics for living a great life. He also produces 6 page Philosopher’s notes (book summaries in PDF format), MP3 podcasts and shows all the related micro-classes on niche topics. Create the time and give yourself the gift of what he has to offer.

We are proud to promote Brian’s work – it has made a difference to us as a family and we’re major fans. Enjoy.