Learn your way to success

  • Learn every day
  • Understand how we ‘operate’
  • Latest thinking – greatest authors
  • Build smart habits
  • Conquer bad habits
  • Share with others

If you believe ongoing investment in your own education is critical to living your best life, then we’ve got a life-changing offer for you. Brian Johnson’s Optimise your Life is a brilliant resource, covering a wide range of topics from psychology to nutrition to meditation to getting things done.

Plan, Brainstorm, Solve Problems with Xmind

  • Plan and brainstorm
  • Rich variety of styles and icons
  • Multiple tabs, with drill-down between them
  • Free version with lots of capability

Xmind is really great mind-mapping software that allows you to build complex diagrams, simply. It is very powerful, even in the free version, and is an excellent tool for a broad range of brainstorming, problem-solving and data visualisation challenges.

Manage shared projects with Trello

  • Great tool for shared projects (business or personal)
  • Visually appealing, shows changes easily, handles lots of tasks
  • Free version or paid

A great starting point for collaboration project, with this easy to use task management tool. Good for communicating the state of play, with colourful labels and a calendar function if that is the view you want. Works on all devices, including smartphones, so can be updated on the move.