Growth Strategies builds technology that can be used to engage communities. Our online solution covers communications and marketing to loyalty and consumer engagement. We create a bespoke combined platform that supports everyone in your community, helping it to grow and prosper.

Improve communication, teamwork and knowledge

  • Make your community a team
  • Take advantage of the best tools in the market
  • Communicate to the right group of people with relevant content that only they can see
  • Track who has seen what information, so you know when your message is getting through

Our community engagement solution is for those running active communities, such as schools, places or membership organisations, where great communication is an important tool.

Build the businesses in your community

  • Support retailers and benefit consumers
  • Enduring solution that works locally, nationally and globally
  • Ongoing support and development, free of charge

The independent businesses bring the colour and vibrancy to every town and village in the country.  But it’s a tough game – we have a solution that can help build a community over the long term by giving something back to all the stakeholders.