Loyalty is a critical part of your business – understanding your customers and motivating them to repeat buy, while also extending your brand awareness.

We offer a tool to build stronger relationships, to widen awareness of your brand and give you insight into your top customers. The tool we customise for you is Lyoness – a global loyalty programme that tens of thousands of independent businesses use around the world.

Build brand awareness and customer loyalty

Build your profits with a customer loyalty and engagement tool that is quite different.

  • Your customers get benefits at hundreds of different stores (online, in the high street and even on holiday)
  • You get a great tool for advertising and marketing
  • Join a community – don’t just fight the battle on your own

Lyoness¬†is a loyalty programme that’s quite different to most – we give you support, we bring you customers in the area and we provide a flexible solution that works across all sectors.

Build profitability

Key features of Lyoness:

  • It’s distinctly different to other loyalty programmes
  • It’s one programme and it’s global
  • Built for the consumer and independent businesses, who join as a merchant
  • As a consumer you shop at participating stores and online to benefit from cashback on purchases and shopping points, which can be redeemed when deals are offered by any merchant
  • There’s no loyalty card – it’s a mobile app.