Benefits globally

Join millions of others around the world

We are proud to promote Lyoness, which is not only our own loyalty programme, but also the same programme for tens of thousands of other independent businesses, around the world. For you as a customer, you get benefits where-ever you shop. It’s one programme globally, with millions of customers and thousands of businesses.

Whenever you shop (and show your phone app or card), you’ll benefit from¬†cashback on purchases and shopping points, which can be redeemed when deals are offered by any merchant. It’s similar, but different, to many of the loyalty programmes you’ve experienced.

The BIG differences:

  • One loyalty programme globally
  • Tens of thousands of retailers (either online or with physical stores), with more added every day around the world
  • One app on your phone, so you don’t need to carry 50 cards with you

It’s free to join, so click here to have a look around. You’re bound to save money somewhere!